Social Media for Museums

Social Media for Museums just like every other organization and business out there is it important. Below I have outlined 4 reasons for why it is important and some tactics museums should consider.

Importance for Museums & Social Media

  • Social Media is a reputation builder. The more reputable your museum is the more likely people are going to visit. Social Media is a great way to help grow your reputation. (Recent Blog I read by Colleen Dilenschneider –
  • Ability to be creative through and using social media. An example is the Tate Modern Museum in the UK. They partnered with Flickr to find and feature photographers who took photos representing Britain today in a gallery.
  • A great place for feedback and ownership. A visitor to a museum will engage and support a museum more if they feel like they had a part in providing feedback or have ownership in something because the feedback they gave was implemented.
  • Information sharing has the ability to go viral. With social media sharing about a new exhibit coming or a unique thing about your museum, if done in an interesting way that make people want to share it, it then has the ability to go viral very fast via social media.



  • Be genuine (aka have a passion and love you museum)
  • Be a good writer and make them fun and engaging
  • Monitor your increase in likes to the increase in engagement. If you are gaining likes and your engagement numbers are not increasing something is wrong. You may be posting content people do not care for or are even reading.
  • ENGAGE!! Talk with your audience!
  • Connect with current events! (This is something that I see the Andy Warhol museum does and was featured in the an article by Hootsuite –

The above information will be featured in an article very soon I was asked to contribute to. Once that article is published I will be sure to share it as well.

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