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Project Description

Municipalities today are faced with many challenges and one of those challenges is engaging more with the community. Social media is one area many municipalities have not tapped into to connect with the community. Municipalities that have branched out into social media are using Facebook and Twitter are their main engagement tools. The purpose of this study is to look at the municipalities out there that are best practices when it comes to using social media to engage and connect with the community.

The problem of this study was to look at three best practice municipalities and compare them to the base municipality of Toledo, Ohio. The objectives of this study is to help provide recommendations to the City of Toledo of things they should focus on with using social media for engagement.

Results from this study show common and unique things the City of Toledo could utilize as they start to use social media to engage with the community. Common platforms they should use are Facebook and Twitter with YouTube being a newer platform some municipalities have started to use. All municipalities used social media to provide information that drove people back to the municipality‘s website.

Project Deliverables: 

  • Digital Presentation Overview of Study
  • Online Full Research Document
  • Recommendations Report to City of Toledo

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