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Project Description

Mayor Bell saw a need for technology savvy person to manage & growth traffic to their website, social media & explore new technologies for online engagement. They hired me as I originally conducted my master research study on Best Practices for Engaging Citizens in Municipalities with the City of Toledo as a Base city of the study. I presented them with a recommendations report of things they could and should be doing based off of my research findings. I had no intention of getting hired just wanted to assist the city that I live in to help better connect with their citizens. I was hired as their webmaster for their entire website & community manager for all of their social media platforms. Platforms include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Text/Email Alerts and Analytical Tracking of web and social traffic.

Taken the city website from an old outdated standards and brought it into the 21st century. The design is clean and simple and has new feature added that help the average citizen find what they need much faster. New feature include: Frequently Visited Pages on the Homepage (determined based off of analytics, customer service calls & time of the season), Social Titles with our social media feeds, I Need Help with FAQ center (central place to get help with an issue), and Quicklinks on various department homepages that connect citizens quickly to common request.

Project Deliverables: 

  • Website (200+pages managed)
  • Train & Manage 30+ Website Administrators
  • Social Media Engagement & Communication
  • Analytical Tracking Reports Quarterly (Website & Social Media)
  • Research for emerging trends in technology for engagement
  • Propose future upgrades & improvements to city website & engagement tools
  • Management of Toledo Alerts System (SMS/Email)
  • Video Creation (Press Conference & Other City Events)
  • Graphic creation (Web & Communications)

Software Used:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Google Analytics
  • SiteImprove – Quality Assurance of Web Content
  • WENS – SMS/Email Alerts
  • Umbraco CMS – Website Content Editor