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A couple of weeks ago I was forwarded an email from my Thesis Chair about someone looking for quotes to be featured in an article by the Point Park News Service. The Point Park News Service is a news service is a student run media center within the School of Communication at Point Park University.


Naturally I was excited and honored to be considered and passed along this opportunity so I jumped on it. I provide Abby Mathieu with a variety of tips and trends for social media specifically with regard to museums. Some of these trends and tips are my own and some are what I have discovered through my continuous research. You can see my tips and trends in my previous blog entry Social Media for Museums’

My Thoughts on the Article

Overall a nicely put together article that flows well and highlight the neat things the Andy Warhol Museum is doing to engage people through social media. The articles focus is on the various things the people at the Andy Warhol Museum some of which include:

  • Consistent brand across all platforms and post.
  • Utilizing #hashtags to promote an connect various post.
  • In the museum they have various iPads setup so that visitors can link back to the social media sites.
  • They also have an App for Smartphones. The application allows users to create their own silkscreen print, just like Warhol and post in to social media and tagging the museum. The app is called “D.I.Y. Pop“.


Read the full article – http://bit.ly/1c9cPvR

The article was also featured by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Houston Chronicle and Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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