Do you work for a library? Here are some tips for 2014

An article I read recently from the New Jersey State Library provided some great tips public libraries should definitely consider. In the article they provide 7 tips or resolutions (as they call them) for social media. The 7 resolutions are as follows.

1. Measure more.

Marketing programs that are tracked and measured against a goal – more Facebook likes, more visitors, an increase in funding, etc. – generally perform better than those that don’t. There’s no need to make it complicated. Start small – perhaps by tracking the success of individual Facebook posts – and expand to additional measures as you get comfortable.

2. Test one new social media platform.

It’s true that Facebook is the most popular social network, but it’s not everyone’s first – or only – choice. To reach a wider audience, expand to some of the other social networks to engage moms, teens or the business community. Pinterest, for example, is one of the fastest growing social networks, and is very popular with women.

3. Blog more often.

Blogging is an excellent way to build authority with search engines, which value dynamic and frequently updated websites highly in their search algorithms. It’s also a great platform for telling the public library’s story and sharing your point of view.

4. Expand your email marketing list.

Email newsletters are perhaps the most favored activity among marketers. Sending a regularly scheduled email to subscribers is the best way to stay top of mind, even if most of us are overwhelmed with email.

5. Get more out of Twitter.

This social network can be overwhelming, especially if you’re following more than a few dozen accounts. Yet, it’s a great source for news and trend information. Sort the people you’re following into lists to make it more manageable and easier to find and curate interesting content.

6. Create more video.

This medium continues to grow and innovations such as smart televisions and tablets make it more accessible and more portable. Video makes learning easier, and it offers a compelling way to tell a story. Set up a channel on YouTube, and create just a couple of new videos this year to get started.

7. Partner with a community organization.

Create greater awareness about public library services and drive traffic through the doors by working with local organizations to sponsor events and activities. By championing causes that are important to the community, you can build stronger connections with residents.

**Above tips from New Jersey State Library at:

All of the above tips are key, but some library systems may not have the time or resources to focus on all of the above tips. Based off of my research and experience working with organizations and their social media I would recommend a library system to focus on the following 3 tips from above to start in 2014.

2. Test one new social media platform.

Many libraries have implemented and use Facebook and Twitter, but take that extra step and branch out into another social media platform your community uses. A good way to determine the best platform to add is to conduct a brief survey of patrons that use your library to find out which platforms they use other than Facebook and Twitter. A couple of possible outcomes from that survey could be Instagram for Photos and short video clips or Google+.

The key is to use the key social media platforms in your community and not to use it because it is there. Having to many social media platforms can be counter productive and hinder more than help. Determine the niche for each platform you decide to use.

3. Blog more often.

Blogs are still an important part of communicating and providing resources/tips to your library community. The great thing about a blog is it can be as short or long as you would like. Blogs can include a variety of multimedia elements from videos and photos to infographics. Just writing a blog with text is a thing of the past. Include visual elements as often as you can. In some cases the visual element will be all you need.

6. Create more video.

As mention above in blog more often to include videos in your blog. Videos are a great way to provide a quick update that a person will likely watch versus reading in a traditional text heavy blog. Also if the video is done in a creative way it has the possibility to go viral and reach additional people in the community that may not have been planned. A good think to keep in mind as you create and plan videos is to see what is the hot trending video or on the internet and see if you can create a cover of that trending video. Then when someone is viewing that video there is a chance that your video could appear in the related video section.

Video example below of taking something that is viral (at the time) and capitalizing on it at the time.

The above video made national headlines. See an article on it here:

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