VIDEO: Community Relations 2.0: Social Media in Libraries

Check out this online Google+ Hangout Presentation of Social Media in Libraries.

Here are the key highlights I took from this presentation.

Social media accounts Mentioned in presentation


 Twitter Tips:

  • Authors are active on Twitter and a great place to reach place to reach out to if you have a author program at your library.
  • Post at least 5 tweets a day.
  • Have conversations, but be human and not boring.
  • When to post – 5pm for Retweets. 12p, & 6pm for Click Through Rates (CTR).
  • Metrics to measure:
    • Followers
    • Retweets
    • Mentions
    • CTR
    • Engagement


Facebook Tips:

  • Fastest growing demo graphic is 55-64 age group.
  • Visuals get more likes & shares.
  • When to post:
    • Evenings and weekends
    • 2-3 posts per day
  • What to measure
    • Number of fans/likes
    • Engagement – likes, comments & shares
    • Click Through Rate
    • Number of people who saw your post